About Landsvest

We are a full service real estate development company



Landsvest Capital Group (“Landsvest”) is a full service real estate development company specializing in the sponsoring and development of upscale resort communities, hotels, golf courses and related complementary residential real estate. We hold a significant ownership position in every development and partner with patient capital investors to finance the equity component of each project.

Our successful association with private equity firms and debt placement agencies allows us to finance the chosen developments, beginning with the construction phase financing through to term financing throughout the operating phase of the resorts and hotels.

Due to the global financial collapse of 2008 many hospitality projects were left frozenWe engage the expert services of leading worldwide professional consultants, in support of each project’s feasibility, and contract with acclaimed five-star brand operators in the early stage of each development to ensure optimal standards of design, location conformance and brand acceptance of the stated performance metrics.

The extreme level of detail included in our forecasting reports partly demonstrates the depth of our meticulous diligence and study of the macro and micro economic market drivers that influence each of the selected projects. Further, projected revenues are calculated conservatively to ensure actual results are reasonably achievable.


Founded as a group in 2010 Landsvest blends entrepreneurial creativity, financial discipline, environmental and cultural stewardship to each development project. This development philosophy follows the track record of success by the individual team members, its partners, and business associates.

Company Vision

At the heart of Landsvest is our long-term vision to be one of the world’s finest resort development companies most admired for our passion for excellence, while simultaneously delivering consistent market-leading investor returns.

Expertise and Focus

The company’s expertise includes site selection/acquisition, project conceptualization and design, land use entitlements, brand selection, project construction, project finance, residential sales and asset management. Members of the Landsvest team were signifigantly involved in some of the finest hotels in the world. Go to: Past Experience

Due to the global financial collapse of 2008 many hospitality projects were left frozen in various states of disarray and non-completion due to lack of funding, over leverage, poor real estate sales and/or poor design. As many of these projects are no longer financially viable or worth completing, Landsvest has spent years carefully evaluating the niche markets of Latin America and the Caribbean to ensure that the projects we acquire for development completion are “best-of-world” opportunities. Go to: Project Selection Criteria

Utilizing ratings based upon macro and micro market and specific project criteria, Landsvest systematically identifies the special, unique pockets of strategic opportunity. These strategic projects are located in markets that will succeed and deliver prosperity for the project, the broader region and the participating Landsvest partners and stakeholders.

Once identified and evaluated, Landsvest pursues and acquires the most competitively advantaged, opportunities for development completion.

Landsvest’s primary geographical focus is the Caribbean and Central America. The company pursues new resort development opportunities including mixed-use luxury hotel and residential destinations that were stalled, abandoned and/or delayed as a result of the severe economic downturn in 2008. Currently Landsvest is in the final stages of acquisition of two luxury resort development properties.