About Landsvest

Landsvest Capital Group is a full service real estate development company specializing in the sponsoring and development of upscale resort communities, hotels, golf courses and related complementary residential real estate. We hold a significant ownership position in every development and partner with patient capital investors to finance the equity component of each project.



Landsvest Team

Delivering a five-star resort, at the level of excellence necessary to become the standard of luxury and refined living in all of the Caribbean and/or Central America, requires nothing less than a seasoned, world-class development team. Landsvest Capital Group demonstrates the key, unique attributes necessary to deliver long-term development, operational, and financial success.



Landsvest Experience

The Landsvest team have a proven track record of successful luxury hotel/resort/residential projects. These unique properties have become significant economic generators and social gathering places in their respective local markets, creating employment opportunities, significantly expanding the tax base and enhancing the quality of life for the local community.